Aging Is . . .


Pilgrim Place is publishing a book of poems by pilgrims on aging (we are all experts!!!). I am posting my reflections on aging at age 74 here:

AGING IS . . .

Aging is a universal human experience.
It is often said to be better than the alternative.
But my grandma told me when I was a little girl,
“Don’t ever grow old!”
While my aunt told me that “age is a state of mind.”

One of my students said “OLD is five years older than me.”
So to a five year old, a ten year old is “old”!
My ninety year old friend in the nursing home
points and says she doesn’t want to be with
“those old ladies over there!”

I find that “aging” brings both diminishment and wisdom.
It brings perspective and a sense of mortality.
Aging creeps up on me
and surprises me in startling ways!
My body sometimes says, “You want me to do WHAT?”

One looks back and remembers. . .
while facing the future with hope for a better world.
It brings both sadness and joy as I reflect on the
gifts and liabilities I am leaving to those who follow.
And I journey on in faith, gifted with each new day!

Eastertide, 2014