Peace: A Prayer


Oregon Sojourn 262

Mysterious One,

You come silently and pervade our world,

if we will only open our eyes and hearts to see.

Touch us with your gentle presence. . .

Challenge us with your compassion and justice. . .

Move us to embody your Truth.

Empower us to be agents of change for good.

Give us hope in this violent and fearful world.

Creating God,

Make us instruments of your peace!



Trees: A Prayer


Estes Park 8 08 021

Creator God,

Our trees are dying—

from bark beetles and drought and fires,

and from destroying the rain forests!

The creation cries out

and we refuse to hear!

Trees in our forests and on tree-lined streets in our towns and cities

are dying!

Fires rage in our national forest and coastal canyons—

killing trees and destroying homes!

Claremont–“the city of trees and PhD’s”–

is losing its battle to save our trees as drought rages.

Forgive us, God, for failing to be responsible stewards

of your good creation!

Replace our greed and carelessness and apathy before it is too late!

Give us eyes to see and wills to care enough to act! Amen!


Water: A Prayer


DSCN6230Creator God,

Your gift of water is life-giving.

All of life depends upon it!

And, yet, we continue to waste it,

To pollute it,

To sell it for a profit!

We pollute the oceans and the air

so that oceans rise as ice caps melt.

We drill for oil and pipe it and ship it—spilling it into our oceans and streams and onto the land.

How long, O God, how long?

You offer us living streams and we continue to prefer broken cisterns!

You call us to care for our brothers and sisters and we protect our profits!

O, God, I repent the raping of your good creation.

Call us all to see clearly,

to act justly and to return to walking humbly with You. Amen!